IJ Start Canon Installatie

IJ Start Canon Installatie

IJ Start Canon Installatie– This time canonimagedrivers.com will try to discuss on how to install a printer for one example is how to install Canon g2600 series through Windows operating system. This Tutorial is actually quite simple, you just follow the instructions until the driver is successfully installed.

Here is the full tutorial how to install the Canon G2600 driver:


  1. CD Driver Canon (you can find in the box printer at the time of purchase), if there is no you can download the Driver here Canon Pixma G2600 Drivers Download
  2. Computer or laptop with Windows operating system
  3. Insert a Canon CD driver into the existing CD/DVD player on the case of the CPU/laptop
  4. Open Windows Explorer (Windows key + E)
  5. Open your DVD player drive (if you’re using a CD), or run a downloaded driver (if you don’t use a CD)
  6. Click 2x on the Apllication file
  7. Click Yes/Allow if the User Account Control dialog appears to allow the program to run
  8. The Canon Start Setup window appears. Select “Start Setup”
  9. Select the region and country you are currently residing in. If Indonesia, you must choose the region of Asia first so that our country selection appears there. Click Next
  10. Click Yes on the license agreement
  11. Click Agree on Extended Survey Program
  12. Processing…, wait a moment
  13. Click Next to On Demand Process installation Wizard
  14. Start the driver installation. Wait until it finishes
  15. When it goes wrong, a Printer Connection window will appear that will tell us that the printer is ready to be in the computer with a USB port. Connect now.
    “Installing device driver software” notification will appear
  16. Shortly after the installation process is complete, a “Test Print” offer window will appear to test the printer printing first time, click Execute to print the test print, or click Next to ignore it.
  17. Complete Setup, click Next
  18. There will be a next window that offers us to install Net Framework. It is recommended to install it in case you need it, click Yes
  19. Process, wait until it finishes.
  20. Next there will be a selection windows of driver features to be installed. Click anywhere that you may need. Sure the My Printer feature is checked. Click Next
  21. The Program is installing the application you chose earlier, wait until it finishes.
  22. The driver installation was successfully executed and the Canon G2600 printer was ready for use.

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