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Canon MAXIFY GX6020 Driver Download

Canon MAXIFY GX6020 Driver Download & Reviews– The Canon Maxify GX6020 priced at $649.99 is a simplified version of the Canon Maxify GX7020. The GX7020 has no fax, two-sided printing for the ADF scanner, and multiple paper capacities. If there’s even the slightest chance that you’ll need one or more of these features, the $100 savings over the sibling are barely worth considering. But if you want a smaller, lighter AIO that can fit better in tight spaces, the GX6020 might be what you’re looking for.

Concise, but still very skilled

Like the GX7020, the GX6020 uses ink bottles in tanks in the printer instead of cartridges, an approach that costs less than 2 cents per page to print in black or color. The savings compared to printers using ink cartridges can be significant. The GX7020, the winning Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 Editor’s Choice ($849.99), and the Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5880 ($899.99) also use bottles and ink tanks and have roughly the same price per page.

The main advantages of the GX6020 over its competitors are its lightweight (25.6 pounds) and small size (1 inch).

0.0 x 16.2 x 15.8 inches, HWD). It’s 3 pounds lighter than the GX7020, making it a little easier for someone to disassemble and set up, and 2.4 inches shorter, so it won’t tower over you if you place it on or beside your desk.

The most important AIO features of the GX6020 are printing, scanning, and copying, including printing from and scanning to a USB memory key. The connection options are the same as for the GX7020: Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct. Note that it disables Wi-Fi Direct if you connect it to your network via Ethernet, so if you want to print from your phone or tablet while using an Ethernet connection, your mobile device must be on the same network.

The main reason for the GX6020’s smaller size is its lower paper capacity. But the 250-sheet Letter-size tray and 100-sheet rear tray are still sufficient for medium to heavy-duty printing in a small office or for personal use. It can also be printed in duplex (duplex) printing, and the back tray makes it easy to swap envelopes, labels, paper-size paper, or letterhead. The operating cycle is the same as the GX7020, with a monthly maximum recommendation of 3,300 pages and a maximum of 45,000 pages.

For scanning and copying, the GX6020 has a letter-size flatbed design and a programmed archive feeder (ADF) that can hold 50 letter-size sheets or 10 legitimate sheets. Dissimilar to the GX7020 duplex ADM, the GX6020 doesn’t consequently flip the paper to copy the opposite side, and there is no way to scan a duplex original into a file with all the pages in the correct order. However, for copying, you can set the menu to copy a single-sided or two-sided document of your choice for one-sided or two-sided printing. When copying duplex pages, AIO scans one page, uses the LCD monitor to show you how to load the original in the correct orientation, and scans another page before printing. It will then automatically delimit the pages in the correct order and ensure that each page is on the right side of the sheet.

The GX6020 shares the GX7020’s ability to print from and scan to the cloud using the printer’s 2.7-inch LCD touchscreen, as well as support (currently limited) for Alexa and Google Assistant.

Easy setup and satisfying speed

As noted above, the GX6020 is a bit easier to install than the slightly larger GX7020, and easier for someone to hold. The layout is easy and identical for both. The ink tank is easy to refill, and it is unlikely that the ink will fall into your hands or on your desk. The replacement bottle in black is $27.99 and is rated at 6,000 images (with one image on each side of the double-sided page). Cyan, yellow, and magenta cost $32.99 per bottle; each set of three colors is valued at 14,000 color images. According to Canon, the bottle that comes with the printer will print fewer pages due to the initial installation requirements.

I connected the GX6020 to an Ethernet network for our performance test and ran it on our regular Windows 10 Pro printer testbed. Not surprisingly, since the GX6020 and GX7020 share the same printer engine, they provided appropriate speeds in most individual tests, with just one second in one case and 2 seconds in the other, falling within the test error range. Canon rates the two printers at 24 ppm for single-sided printing in dark and 15.5 ppm for shading. This is the sluggish side at a printer in this cost range; The Epson ET-5850 and ET-5880 have a speed of 25 pages each moment for high contrast and shading printing.

The GX6020 comes in at 20.6 ppm for text output using our 12 page Microsoft Word text document and does not include the first page. On our complete business document package, which includes a variety of charts and other charts, it only manages to 7 pages per minute. Both of these results are several tenths of a ppm faster than the GX7020’s results, but only because of the already mentioned 1 and 2-second difference in the two tests. They should be read as bound.

For 4 out of 6 photos, the GX6020 matched the GX7020’s time of 48 seconds using a Canon-recommended photo printer plus blank paper. They also match the double-sided speed when printing Word text documents, at 12.2 frames per minute (with one frame on each side of the duplex page) and excluding the first page out time.

The GX6020’s output quality is at the top end of the inkjet printer range for text, graphics, and images. Even the 4-dot text on plain paper is very legible and only deviates from the laser output as it tends to smudge a bit after I drip water on it. Full-page graphics leave the paper feeling damp from the printer; once completely dry, color ink is more resistant to smudges from wet fingers than black ink. The images on the recommended paper are of a higher quality than normally required for business use, and are also resistant to smudges when wet. All three types of products must be suitable for any business need, including triplicate brochures and the like.

Fit wherever you need it

The most grounded conflict for considering the GX6020 is its mix of little size, insignificant cost per page, and reasonable cutoff. Ideal for work environments of all sizes need to print up to 30 pages every day all things considered and can manage extra, dependent upon how consistently you’re willing to reload the paper. The three-year assurance of 80,000 pages is furthermore a remarkable choice.

If you need an AIO that can also send faxes, has double-sided ADM, or has more paper, check out the Canon GX7020. If you need faster speeds, consider spending more money on the Epson ET-5850 (our editorial pick for the mid-tone AIO) or the ET-5880. If you don’t need these additional features, and especially if size and weight are important issues, the Canon Maxify GX6020 can easily be the right choice for your home or small business.

Canon MAXIFY GX6020 Driver Download

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